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Connect Accounting System 

Connect with FlexAccount!

FOODIVAL helps you integrate procurement data with accounts payable to enhance efficiency

In most restaurants, the procurement and account department work separately to manage supplier invoices and accounts payable (AP) tasks for the same goals. Close collaboration can improve their efficiency and strengthen management.

By connecting with FOODIVAL, FlexAccount can retrieve all invoice data directly from FOODIVAL, achieving AP Automation and reducing the efforts required for invoice collection, verification, and data input. This significantly improves efficiency and accuracy. AP automation also enables account department to conduct in-depth reports, analysis and profit & loss (P&L) with FOODIVAL's detailed expense classification, gaining insights into the performance of the restaurant, including each outlet and each department.

In addition, FlexAccount also tracks and manages restaurant's fixed assets such as stoves, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc., and automatically calculates their depreciation value.

Support connection with POS

Directly retrieve sales data from the POS system, such as payment methods and sales categories

AP Automation

Directly retrieve invoice data from FOODIVAL and automatically convert it into accounts payable

Track all fixed assets

Every piece of fixed asset in each outlet, such as stoves, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc., is clearly recorded and its depreciation is calculated in the system

Create reports

Centralize data from multiple sources to reduce the time required for data collection, verification, and input,  accelerating report generation

Provide work records

Users can access and modify their work records or other tasks at any time, making it easy to trace and track.

Support supplier/account enquiry

Users can access different accounts anytime which makes verification work easier

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