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【Chapter TWO】 A Complete Guide For FOODIVAL: Upgraded Functions for Boosting Efficiency of Your Good-Receiving Process

Updated: 4 days ago

As a highly efficient procurement and inventory management system, FOODIVAL can fully meet the daily operational needs of the F&B industry. In addition to the comprehensive order management functions mentioned in Chapter 1, FOODIVAL is also equipped with a series of  useful functions that can boost the efficiency of your good-receiving process, fundamentally solving the common obstacles that many restaurants may encounter in their workflows, such as unreadable hand-written amendments on the delivery documents and difficulty in tracking delivery status. With FOODIVAL, users can now handle various work related to the good-receiving process through their mobile phones or tablets anytime and anywhere on the go with ease, making their work more flexible and efficient.

Document Upload

In order to prevent delivery documents or receipts from missing, FOODIVAL has incorporated document-uploading and photo-taking features into the system. Users can take a picture of the documents or upload the documents directly to the system to ensure all relevant documents are well organized and documented. This practice helps build up a more reliable procurement database and allows the Central Procurement Department to keep track of the procurement and delivery status of different outlets, strengthening central control over the frontlines. Moreover, FOODIVAL encourages its users to leverage this feature to record any problematic products being delivered for future follow up with the vendors.

Partial Receipt

In general, the frequency and quantity of purchase in F&B industry tend to be higher when compared to other industries as restaurants have to guarantee the freshness and variety of the ingredients and dishes to meet with customers’ expectations. There may even  be sudden purchase or last-minute cancellation of orders in certain scenarios due to the dynamic nature of F&B industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that wrong delivery or partial delivery of goods is more frequent, which may lead to messy and incomplete delivery records. To tackle the problems, FOODIVAL has introduced the “partial receipt“ function which allows users to record part of the delivered orders in the system without the need for immediately changing the entire order status to “completed”. In this case, the order status will remain as “incomplete” and the system will continue to remind the users to follow up with the outstanding orders from time to time to avoid any missing delivery.    

Catch Weight (Record the Weight)

Unlike the conventional procurement process for office, procurement for F&B industry is relatively complicated which involves the use of multiple units of measurement for the same product when  placing the orders and receiving the goods. For instance, a user may originally place an order specifying the unit of measurement as "pieces," but when recording the actual delivery, they may record the received quantities using the unit "kg" instead. This discrepancy between the ordered and received units, can be considered as one of the biggest challenges for the F&B industry, which can create confusion and complications in maintaining accurate delivery records and calculating the actual procurement costs. FOODIVAL has therefore launched the “Catch Weight” function to enable its users to record the actual received units and quantity in the system, facilitating the reconciliation process executed by the Procurement Department and avoiding any discrepancy between purchase orders and delivery notes. This arrangement significantly enhanced the accuracy of procurement cost calculation. 

Record Quantity of Freebies 

FOODIVAL can cater for the scenario in which vendors offer freebies to the restaurants. Users can conveniently record the number of freebies received in the system to prevent affecting the calculation of the actual procurement cost, further ensuring the accuracy in the financial records. 

Supplier Rating 

In order to strengthen supplier management, FOODIVAL provides a supplier rating system. Users can leave comments or rate the suppliers during the good-receiving process. The comments and marks can serve as important references for evaluating supplier quality. 

If you would like to know more about FOODIVA’s latest functions and features, please visit our blogs or contact us here.


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