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【Chapter ONE】A Complete Guide for FOODIVAL: 6 Order Management Functions Revealed!

Updated: 4 days ago

FOODIVAL is a procurement and management system tailored for the Food & Beverage (F&B) Industry with an aim to handle procurement orders in a centralized and digital manner, eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations and strengthening the control of food cost. Taking the major challenges faced by the F&B industry into account, FOODIVAL has developed a series of practical functions with a handy user interface catering to F&B’s daily needs and operations which further enhances user experience. In this article, we will share a series of unique features for facilitating procurement order placing, hoping to provide you with helpful references for selecting the right procurement solution for your restaurants! 

  1. Customized Digital Procurement Order (PO)

Unifying and standardizing the format of PO, FOODIVAL not only effectively reduces the risk for human errors and confusions that can be arised from written orders, but also  strictly regulates the supplier lists and ingredients that can be purchased by the frontline staff. Additionally, to enhance the user experience, FOODIVAL offers a flexibility for users to display the ingredients list in either text or visual format, depending on their preferences and needs. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a powerful search engine and filter function which significantly accelerates the entire order placing process. Users also have the convenience of easily modifying the PO template at the backend system, allowing them to adjust it for their specific daily operations and requirements. 

2. Multi Order Placing Channels The system streamlines the procurement process by consolidating PO from multiple outlets and facilitating order placing with suppliers through various channels including WhatsApp, email, or efax. This feature ensures the establishment of precise procurement records, where all transactions are easily traceable. Additionally, it provides significant benefits to the central procurement department by enabling efficient monitoring of order status and procurement costs for each outlet. This, in turn, enhances the data analysis process, making it more convenient than ever before.

3. Alert for Minimum Order Quantity

By incorporating an alert function for minimum order quantity (MOQ), FOODIVAL will immediately notify the users by highlighting the item in red if the submitted order quantity for a product does not meet its MOQ requirement. Users can therefore review and revise the orders before sending them to the suppliers. This function significantly reduces the risk of placing incorrect orders and thereby minimizing the time and resources required for clarifying and revising wrong orders with the suppliers which further accelerate procurement efficiency.

4. Alert for Abnormal Orders When the submitted order quantity of a product greatly deviates from previous orders based on procurement history, FOODIVAL will promptly notify the users and ask for confirmation to proceed the order to prevent over purchasing and avoid incurring additional costs.

5. Special Remarks In order to facilitate the communications between the central procurement department and the frontline staff, FOODIVAL incorporates a remark function which provides flexibility and convenience for the backend staff to add and revise points to note for the frontlines. The remarks can serve as an at-a-glance reminder for the frontline staff which provide them with information regarding the suppliers, such as cut-off time, rest days, special delivery arrangement etc., further enhancing procurement efficiency. 

6. Placing Orders via Mobile

With FOODIVAL, users can place orders and pick up orders directly through mobile with a user-friendly interface where different icons represent different functions. Key features include outstanding task alerts, photo taking, document uploading and calendar view, assisting users in handling daily procurement tasks in a comprehensive manner.

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