Providing an Efficient and Transparent Platform
For F&B shop manager, procurement department, central kitchen and management

Foodival is a total solution to make user enjoy the daily food ordering. It assists all steps in the purchasing procedure with automatic and centralized operation. With a centralized systems, such as POS, BI, account, HRMS and etc., business owner can benefit from the power of Foodival geometrically to looking at the overall situation and mastering the market trend.

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The Perfect Secretary for Shop Managers

  • Creating and generating purchase requisition (PR) is a vital duty for shop every day to prepare ingredients for receipts. With Foodival, shop manager are able to submit PR and know its status with ease.

  • Automatic calculation for required ingredients so shop managers only need to fill in the PR form within system which is customized for their shop which makes the shop operation more efficient.

  • Daily Task Notification in Dashboard helps shop managers to prioritize and complete their tasks which increase the productivity

Helping Hand for Procurement Department

  • Foodival provides master database set up for procurement department to set up the ordering menu for each shops.

  • Foodival centralizes and integrates all PRs from different shops for procurement department to handle. 

  • Abnormal PR will be detected and Foodival will alert the procurement department

A Relief for Central Kitchen and Production Line

  • Providing Stock Par Value Calculation ​allows workers to keep track on inventory, stock take and stock transfer that helps avoiding over production. 

  • Outstanding and Processing BOM indicates clear amount of output and item per day, helps worker to catch up with the production batch.

  • Provide Suppliers Database to store information of suppliers and entry of invoice for record

Analyse Business with Multi-dimensions 

  • Foodival provides reports and analyses with different angles, assists management to review and examine business in detail and look into various aspects 

  • Reports such as Income, Material Cost, Gross Profits, Target Sales VS Actual Sales, etc, demonstrates a overview of business 

  • The retrieved data of Foodival facilitate big data analysis by management level, such as the inactive items and month top sales products reflecting the customers pattern of specific shop 


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Foodival is an F&B procurement & inventory management system, designed to support your growth thru the facilitation of both cost reduction and profit maximization.

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