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Executives of a restaurant franchise discuss how to reduce food cost after reading Foodival operation reports


Overview of of all operational data in Foodival management dashboard

Master Everything at a Glance

Foodival assists you to flourish your business and allows you to manage your business within a single platform. With a glance, you already access the information of what you need to know! Such as index presentation by shop, time, promotion campaign and etc. Foodival allows management level staffs to understand the sales performance of each shop and therefore they can make accurate decisions quickly with Foodival report and data. 

Use Your Cost Effectively

The impacts of changes in suppliers, ingredients price, recipes and etc. are recorded and analysed by Foodival. These analyses help you to anticipate the variables on profit. Also, management level staffs can predict the cost effectiveness of new cuisine before launching by having these analyses and information as a reference.  ​

Aiming for the target which is reducing food cost
Exeucutives of a restaurant manager looking at different types of reports generated in Foodival, some of which include: overstock reports, ideal vs actual cost reports, shrinkage reports, and stock take variation reports

Knowing Your Business

All data from the whole procurement procedure is integrated within Foodival. There are around 30 different reports for management staffs to review and analyze each shop independently and inclusively. Foodival provides analysis for you in multi-dimensional angles which may provide insights for your business improvement.

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