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Procurement Department

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Shop ABC



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Enhance Monitoring

Plan to Achieve More 

You are able to trace and track the detail of delivery quantity and status from Central Kitchen. Abnormal order from restaurant would be retrieved to Abnormal Checking Alert for review before approval. This allows procurement staffs to predict the inventory and meet the sales target

No More Confusion Better Control for Handling PRs

Foodival consolidates purchase requisitions from each stores into the same platform that centralized control for procurement staffs, avoids intricate communication between procurement department and different stores individually. Our Procurement Management helps them to handle the procurement processes efficiently


Shop List

Restaurant Greenland

Shop Healthy Bay

Cafe Fooda Garden

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Better Cost Control with

Accurate Data and Analysis

Suppliers list, price and other necessary information are pre-integrated in Foodival. Procurement staffs can master the data base within Foodival. With these information, Foodival helps you to do cost control and procurement staffs can bargain a better price with supplier to save cost