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Foodival can increase cooperation between all departments of a restaurant franchise

Being United

Build A Reliable Database across Departments

We know and address the difficulties that the Food & Beverage company facing every day. Losing track of the production process, lack of transparency during production, having insufficient communication between departments which causes misunderstanding, etc. All these eventually affect the sale performance in the restaurant which directly influence the profit of the business.

How does Foodival change your business?

Foodival can increase cooperation between all departments of a restaurant franchise. Management, Result outets, central kitchen

Foodival smooths and enhances the operation process between the shop managers, back office and central kitchen workers. The fragmented division will hence join together again and accomplished the business goal with fluency. We include lots of functions and features specifically designed for each department by taking their concern of the operation into account, making their work more convenient and leveraging the operation process for the whole production line. We believe connection and integration form brilliant power and result in a better performance outcome.

Connect all units onto one single platform

Solution for food & beverage industry that managing the inventory and procurement process

Waiter and Waitress reporting to resautarant manager about oustanding tasks

Shop Manager

  • Stock take, in/out, transfer

  • Create purchase requisition

  • Auto-calculation for required ingredients

  • Daily task notification


Procurement Department

  • Monitor whole company's procurement operation and alert for abnormal status

  • Centralize and integrate all PR and generate PO


Central Kitchen

  • Prevent overstock / understock by stock par value

  • Monitor outstanding and procession semi-product


  • Control food cost and food quality

  • Analysis by reports and dashboard

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