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A total solution for food & beverage industry that managing the inventory and procurement process

Cost Breakdown of Your Recipe
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One platform for all units

Foodival enhances fast communication and provide transparent data for units that they can know each task's status in the system.


Accurate inventory record

Create a neat inventory data by routine stock take, comprehensive stock in/out, transfer, entry of shrinkage and staff meal.


Proactive alert

Foodival monitors routine task of each unit and alert for missing tasks to ensure the all operation is completed.


Easy to create purchase order

Manage purchase requisition (PR) and purchase order (PO) with systematic flow, speed up the flow and prevent mistakes.


Demand forecasting

Systematic forecast by customized factor to minimize inventory overstocking or understocking.


Analysis consumption

Quantify raw material consumption of each recipe, and compare its ideal and actual cost to achieve controlling cost and food quality

Connect all units onto one single platform

A common user interface that provides users with a consistent experience throughout the application


Shop Manager

  • Stock take, in/out, transfer

  • Create purchase requisition

  • Auto-calculation for required ingredients

  • Daily task notification


Procurement Department

  • Monitor whole company's procurement operation and alert for abnormal status

  • Centralize and integrate all PR and generate PO


Central Kitchen

  • Prevent overstock / understock by stock par value

  • Monitor outstanding and procession semi-product


  • Control food cost and food quality

  • Analysis by reports and dashboard

Ecosystems That Work for You

Leverages other FlexSystem modules, plus third party solutions.

Trusted by F&B Industry

Japanese Ramen Chains

Our client was found in 1960 from Japan. They concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen as to bringing more delight to the palate of their customers.

In recent years, they are expanding their business overseas. They have opened the 1st branch since 2013 and the 2nd since 2015 in Hong Kong.

To have a better cost control, they are looking for a inventory management that is specially designed for F&B industry and they meet Foodival…


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