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Chefs preparing dim sum in a Chinese restaurant

Central Kitchen

procurement interface

Required Ingredients for pr.0000789

Improve Both Quantity and Quality in Production 

The stock level are auto-replenished by considering different data such as work-in-progress production quantity, outstanding purchase, delivery order and etc. Therefore, workshop staff can have precise inventory management and hence improve both quantity and quality.

A Comprehensive View for Each Step 

Foodival provides multi-dashboard which clearly demonstrates every steps from production line to workshop management, and also from order to delivery is covered as well. We design a dashboards specified for central kitchen staffs which can fulfill their requirement

Foodival dashboard interface
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Seek Business Improvement By Looking Into the Recipe

Foodival helps you to calculate the cost of each ingredient in different products. Therefore, central kitchen staffs are about to improve the recipe and analyse each dishes or foods in the perspective of cost. By looking into the recipe analysis with product cost, you are able to raise the profit of cuisines.

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