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Central Procurement Module

From now on, stay on top of things
FOODIVAL helps monitor, approve and analyze procurement work

By consolidating and managing purchase requisitions (PR) from different outlets, FOODIVAL can assist central procurement in processing and approving a large number of PR. This reduces missing or wrong orders due to human errors,  enabling better control over all procurement work.

Accountant checks supplier invoice machine receipt documents

Central procurement can check all suppers’ documents and purchase orders in the system without the need to collect information from various outlets, saving efforts and enhancing efficiency of work.

Checking orders

Integrate & display PR

Integrate and display PR from different outlets for approval. All approved PR will be turned into purchase orders which will be sent to suppliers via WhatsApp, eFax or email to avoid missing orders.

Display outstanding PR alerts

Remind central procurement of restaurants that have not submitted PR, ensuring that restaurants submit their requests on time and the material supply is sufficient to meet daily needs.

Review, revise and approve PR

Central procurement can review and revise ordered quantities from different outlets when needed, strengthening control over restaurant-level procurement and preventing over-purchasing and spending. Restaurants will be notified of revised orders to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings.

Display abnormal PR alerts

When the requested quantities vary greatly from previous order records, FOODIVAl will notify users to prevent over-purchasing and extra costs caused by wrong orders.

Consolidate supplier information

Centralize and strengthen the management of supplier information, including supplier names, delivery schedules, and cut-off dates, to improve the disorganization of supplier lists and data. This makes it easy to access various information and accelerate the procurement process.

Compare prices of products

By searching for suppliers, central procurement can easily check the prices of different products and compare the prices of the same products from different suppliers with a comparison table, making procurement work simpler and more efficient. 

Add supplier remarks and rating

Central procurement can collect feedback from different outlets on the goods and services of suppliers through the system, which can be used as a reference to evaluate supplier quality and improve procurement strategies.

Manage suppliers and warehouses

Central procurement can establish a supplier database where all information and prices of goods can be easily accessed and compared anytime. Also, the system allows evaluation of supplier quality, which can serve as a reference for selecting future partners.

Managing supplier 
Centralize processing of requisitions from restaurants or central workshops

As many restaurants use a hybrid procurement model that combines both central and direct procurement by restaurant, FOODIVAL offers an interface to help central procurement review and approve PR from different outlets or central kitchen. Central procurement can monitor and track all PR under a clear overview of all data.

Handling PR

Review suppliers’ documents

Outlets can upload all suppliers’ documents, including delivery notes and photos of goods, when receiving goods for central procurement’s review. Users can search the documents by suppliers’ names or date, reducing the efforts required to collect information from different outlets which help boost work efficiency.

Verify documents

Central procurement can check all documents of the orders, such as delivery notes,, purchase orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices etc.,  without the help and confirmation from outlet managers. This speeds up reconciliation of supplier invoices and other suppliers’ documents to avoid overdue payments to suppliers.

Place orders to supplier

Integrating the approved PR, the system can create purchase orders which can be sent directly to different suppliers via WhatsApp, eFax, or email, reducing human errors due to manual orders. This also helps to establish accurate procurement records.

Remote inventory management

The system displays the inventory status of each outlet, including low stock or over stock alerts and ingredients about to expire alerts, making inventory management more flexible. Central procurement can also distribute ingredients to outlets based on their inventory level.

Arrange delivery and receipt

Delivery from suppliers can be systematically arranged to restaurants, central kitchens, or central procurement with ease. When receiving goods, photos can be uploaded and delivery notes can be added for evaluating supplier quality.

Send orders to suppliers via WhatsApp
Other functions
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