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FOODIVAL invites you to 「Cloud Restaurant Management Upgrade Strategy: Streamline Procurement and Inventory Management」 Workshp

As the pandemic eases, the economy and tourism industry gradually recovered, the Food & Beverage (F&B)  industry should seize the opportunity to review and streamline its existing workflows to enhance management efficiency, control costs, and improve profits.


In order to help F&B clients understand the benefits of systematic procurement and inventory management, FOODIVAL will hold a face-to-face interactive workshop on "Cloud Restaurant Management Upgrade Strategy: Streamline Procurement and Inventory Management"  on Thursday, May 18.

Workshop details:



14:30 -15:00 


15:00 - 15:15      

1. Introduce FOODIVAL Procurement & Inventory Management System and F&B types 
2.  Analyze digital transformation trends with F&B client cases by system specialists 

15:15 -16:30  

Hands-on experience on FOODIVAL

(including placing orders, receiving goods and analyze data via mobile) 

During the workshop, participants can have hands-on experience of our management system, including creating and placing orders, receiving goods, searching orders, analyzing data etc. Our system specialists will also explain how to leverage our functionalities to manage your restaurant procurement, central procurement and central kitchen effectively and efficienily. Relevant reports and analysis will be also shown in the workshop. 

Seats are limited. Fill in below form to register for latest updates on F&B digital transformation and solutions. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at  3798 4400. 

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