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FOODIVAL helps you enhance central kitchen management and cross-departmental communications 

Establishing a central kitchen can reduce operational costs but many restaurants find it difficult to manage the kitchen. FOODIVAL understands your difficulties and therefore provides a management interface for the central kitchen to handle purchase requisitions (PR) outlets or central procurement. Whether it is order details, production status or delivery status, FOODIVAL can easily help you track and monitor everything, enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency among Central Kitchen, Procurement, Warehouses and outlets.

The central kitchen receives and integrates purchase requisitions from restaurants or central purchasing

The system collects and integrates PR from different outlets or the central procurement. Central kitchen can directly access the PR in the system, and arrange the production based on inventory levels, and follow up on outstanding orders.

Receiving orders

Central Kitchen Module

Central kitchen inventory levels to schedule production

Central Kitchen can keep track of the production status and inventory level with system alerts, which facilitates the planning of production schedule based on the latest inventory data.

Arranging production
The central kitchen uses FOODIVAL to check the inventory of ingredients, and FOODIVAL automatically monitors the inventory level.

To help the central kitchen arrange production and handle PR more efficiently, the system can record all inventory movements and provides various inventory level alerts to avoid stockouts and meet the daily needs of the restaurants.

Managing inventory 
The central kitchen arranges for delivery to the restaurant after completion of production.

The central kitchen can print packing lists and arrange delivery by batches. The system also includes outstanding delivery alerts  and “pending for pick up” alerts to improve shipping efficiency.

Arranging delivery

Integrate orders

The system integrates PR from different outlets or the central procurement, making it easy for the central kitchen to manage the requests and follow up on production in a consolidated manner.

Adjust order quantity

Central kitchen can adjust the required quantities on the PR based on inventory levels and production progress. This ensures that each outlet can be allocated a certain quantity to meet daily needs.

Outstanding PR alerts 

The system displays the outstanding PR and relevant details, preventing any missed orders and enabling the central kitchen to plan production schedules more efficiently.

Record inventory movements

Record all inventory movements, including stock in, stock out, inter-warehouse transfer etc. This facilitates stock take and the calculation of stock values as all inventory data is easily accessible and clearly organized.

Check inventory level

Check inventory level and estimate the amount of insufficient ingredients based on PR from outlets for arranging production and delivery.

Inventory level alerts

When the inventory level falls below the minimum or exceeds the maximum, the system will notify the central kitchen, which can then place orders with suppliers or transfer inventory from other warehouses, ensuring that inventory levels are adequate to meet the daily needs of the restaurants.

Ingredients about to expire alerts

The system can automatically calculate the expiry date of each ingredient based on its  stock check-in date, reminding employees to use ingredients that are about to expire to reduce food waste.

Consolidate PR and arrange production

Consolidate PR from outlets or central procurement and summarize ordered quantities for arranging centralized production based on inventory level to meet daily needs of restaurants.

Convert into semi-finished products

Convert ingredients into semi-finished products and update inventory data, assisting the central kitchen in mastering production status and quantity. 

Display production quantities 

Central kitchen can overview the quantities of outstanding production, under production and completed production. This helps the kitchen to keep track of the production progress and adjust the production schedule accordingly. 

Print packing list

System supports the users to print “packing lists” to prepare for delivery with ease.

Support partial delivery

If some food items cannot be produced on schedule, for example, due to insufficient raw materials, the system supports partial delivery, allowing the central kitchen to first deliver a portion of the products to the restaurant, and then subsequently deliver the remaining quantity when available.

Delivery reminders for restaurants

After the central kitchen ships the goods, the system will immediately send a notification to the outlets to notify them of the expected delivery, enhancing communication between both parties and facilitating delivery arrangement.

Outstanding delivery alerts

To avoid missed delivery, the system will display outstanding delivery items, including quantities and relevant details, enhancing delivery efficiency. 

Recipes for semi-finished products

Our Recipe Module is not only applicable to dishes on your restaurant menus, but also semi-finished products. You can create e-recipes for any semi-finished products and directly add the recipes when you need to use semi-finished products (e.g. homemade sauces) in your main recipes.   FOODIVAl can calculate the total amount of ingredients required for production (including the main recipes and semi-finished product recipes) and detect inventory quantities directly and automatically. 

Central kitchen handles different semi-finished product recipes
Other functions
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