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Recipe Analysis Module

From now on, tailor to F&B industry

FOODIVAL helps you simplify procurement flows and analyze recipe costs

Standing out from the other inventory systems, FOODIVAL not only accommodates the workflow of the F&B industry, but also provides a Recipe Module to record the ingredients and quantities required for each dish in the system in advance, speeding up the procurement process and enabling the analysis of the costs and profits of each ingredient in the recipes, facilitating the development of better procurement strategies.

Manage and analyze recipes with FOODIVAL

FOODIVAL’s recipe function not only help you establish a digital recipe database, but also helps calculate the ideal and actual costs of each dish based on sales and stocktake data as a reference for improving recipes and procurement strategy.

Recipe management & analysis

Consolidate recipes

Create and integrate recipes by inputting ingredients and quantities required for each dish to establish a reliable recipe database for efficient management.

Streamline procurement process

Based on the e-recipes, the system can automatically calculate the total quantities of each ingredient required and place orders to suppliers directly. Such breakdown of recipes and auto-calculation help you save the time spent on ingredient searching, speeding up the procurement process.

Analyze ideal food cost

By connecting with your POS system or importing sales data, FOODIVAL can calculate the ideal costs of each dish based on the purchased prices of the ingredients as a reference for improving purchasing and sales strategies.

Ideal cost and actual cost

Restaurants can obtain the actual consumption of ingredients by stocktake, which serves as a basis for calculating the actual costs and profits.  This can be compared to the ideal costs to identify operational pain points, which helps improve recipe formulas and strategies that better align with cost-effectiveness.

Ingredient substitution

By setting up a substitution for a certain ingredient and synchronizing or importing  sales data from your POS, FOODIVAL can automatically deduct ingredient stock based on your substitution lists and usages. This allows restaurants to keep track of the latest inventory levels. 

Recipes for semi-finished products

Our Recipe Module is applicable to semi-finished products. You can create e-recipes for semi-finished products and directly add the recipes when you need to use semi-finished products (e.g. homemade sauces) in your main recipes.   FOODIVAl can calculate the total amount of ingredients required for production (including the main recipes and semi-finished product recipes) and detect inventory quantities directly and automatically. 

Manage the restaurant’s semi-finished product recipes and ingredient substitutions through FOODIVAL
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