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FOODIVAL helps you automate your procurement process

FOODIVAL is the best solution for F&B procurement and inventory management in which you streamline a series of procurement procedures while increasing work efficiency. Through using FOODIVAL, you can reduce human errors and track the entire procurement process more effectively, from order placing, confirmation to delivery and record-keeping. Everything will be under your control.

Support partial receipt of goods

Restaurant employees can arrange partial receipt of goods based on storage capability and receive the remaining when the storage allows. The system supports multiple receipts for the same order to cater to re-delivery from suppliers, increasing flexibility.

Upload suppliers’ documents 

Users can upload supplementary information, such as delivery notes and product photos, when receiving goods from suppliers to maintain reliable records which can be accessed anytime. This reduces the risk of losing or damaging documents and enables easy tracking.

Record received weight (catch weight)

To facilitate the checking of ordered items and received items, FOODIVAl allows users to enter the actual weight and unit of received items to prevent discrepancies and calculate food cost with ease.

Record freebie quantities

Users can input the quantities of freebies given by suppliers when receiving goods for accurate calculation of procurement costs.

Daily task reminders

Remind employees of orders “pending for pick up” on a daily basis, ensuring that employees receive orders on schedule. You can also compare the purchased quantities with the received quantities to avoid missing items.

Supplier rating system

Restaurant employees can leave comments and rating for suppliers in remarks as the reference for evaluating supplier quality. 

Receiving goods

Frontline staff need to deal with delivery from multiple suppliers every day but disorganized records may cause difficulties and confusion in daily operations, such as recording received dates, received products, quantities, and missing items. FOODIVAL allows users to complete the receiving process using tablets, enabling them to manage records anytime and anywhere, making work more convenient and accurate.

Receiving and store warehouse
Retaurant and Procurement
Direct Procurement by Restaurant Module

Customize PO templates

Standardize order form format and restrict the ingredient options available for restaurant staff, which reduces confusion and human error that can occur with handwritten orders.

Display in photo or list view

Display ingredients in a visual format, allowing users to preview and select items more easily, thereby speeding up the procurement process. Users can also choose “list view” according to their preference, enhancing user experience.

Send PO to suppliers

Send PO to suppliers via WhatsApp, email, or eFax ro reduce human due to manual work and establish accurate procurement records. You can also modify the PO template as needed to facilitate procurement work.

Abnormal order & MOQ alerts

When the order quantity is significantly different from the previous records, FOODIVAL will automatically notify users to avoid waste and additional spending due to wrong orders.The system also provides minimum order quantity alerts, reducing back-and-forth confirmations with suppliers and improving procurement efficiency. 

Daily task reminders

FOODIVAL will remind users of incomplete tasks, such as unsubmitted PO, to ensure that employees complete their work on schedule and avoid missing tasks due to absence or turnover, improving work efficiency.

Place order with mobile app

Besides tablets, users can create orders and access related information on their mobile phones, making it convenient for frontline employees who require irregular working hours and reducing costs for purchasing extra electronic devices. 

Placing orders

Restaurant frontline staff can create and place purchase orders (PO) via FOODIVAL easily. The system automatically generates order forms based on the selected ingredients and sends them to suppliers, or even your central kitchen, via WhatsApp, eFax, or email. This effectively reduces mistakes due to manual or phone orders, improving the procurement accuracy and efficiency. FOODIVAL also has notifications for abnormal orders, further reducing human errors.

FOODIVAL snack paper for ordering
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