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Reports and More Insights

From now on, turn insights into actions! 

FOODIVAL helps you create reports to monitor your business performances

Apart from simplifying the entire procurement process and enhancing inventory management in different aspects, FOODIVAL also pays great attention to flexible integration and analysis of system data. Diversified reports can help management understand the operation and performance of various departments, as well as to help them improve procurement, operation and sales strategies to maximize business potential. 

FOODIVAL provides a management dashboard to let management know the procurement costs and strategies of each store

Management can understand the performance and statistics of each outlet, such as revenue, food costs, wastage, inventory values and more with our data analysis and clear presentation.  All data is displayed in a centralized dashboard with a wide variety of built-in charts available for integrating and analyzing data and trends with ease. 

FOODIVAL can be connected to the POS system. Management can use FOODIVAL to compare the purchasing and sales data of different branches and compare costs.

FOODIVAL can seamlessly integrate with your POS system or you can manually import sales data for comparison with purchasing data. This allows management to better understand outlets’ procurement costs and profits, and make adjustments to purchasing and sales strategies to improve overall profits.

Cost comparison
FOODIVAL has about 30 built-in reports, and you can create appropriate reports by yourself through the pivot analysis table.

FOODIVAL comes with approximately 30 built-in reports that showcase restaurant procurement and inventory management from multiple angles, including monthly reports for each outlet, purchase order summary reports, monthly inventory balance reports, and more. Management can also use pivot tables to create customized reports for identifying areas for improvement.

Variety of reports

PO summary report

Track and analyze the procurement cost of each outlet, providing detailed information on procurement items, suppliers, quantities, unit prices and total costs etc., helping management to understand the restaurant's procurement strategy and control procurement costs. 

Shrinkage report

Show the details of the food waste details, including the quantities, types, and reasons for food waste, in the restaurant, helping management to understand the abnormal use of ingredients, hence monitoring and reducing costs. 

More Reports

  • PR/PO status report

  • PO summary report

  • GRN status report

  • Stock take variance report

  • Stock transfer report

  • Stock balance report

  • Monthly in/out (amount/quantity) report

  • Stock aging report

  • Recipe cost report

  • Actual vs expected consumption report

and more

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