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Grow with FOODIVAL!

Procurement & Inventory Management Solution Designated for F&B Industry

Foodival is an F&B procurement & inventory management system designed to build up the foundation of your business and expand your business potential through recording, handling and analyzing food cost. Through systematic handling of the entire procurement workflow, FOODIVAL can establish an accurate and reliable inventory database for creating insightful reports and conducting analysis which helps the management to control food cost and improve procurement strategy for better operational efficiency, profitability and competitive advantages. Regardless of your procurement models or set up of a central kitchen, FOODIVAL helps streamline and monitor the entire procurement process and inventory changes, as well as to enhance communication and operational transparency of all departments. In addition, you can also seamlessly connect different systems with FOODIVAL, including POS, human resource management and accounting systems, etc., to build your exclusive ecosystem for maximizing your business potential.

Use FOODIVAL to improve restaurant procurement and inventory management and improve work efficiency
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