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Use FlexSystem’s systems to create an exclusive ecosystem

All-in-one ecosystem

Catering to your business needs and scales, FOODIVAL empowers you to create your own ecosystem which is perfect for your business model by securely connecting with different systems and platforms, such as POS, human resource management and accounting systems. Our system can help integrate data from various sources for creating reports and conducting analysis to formulate better operation strategy. With our secure and stable system integration, you can not only master your business strategy, but also enhance your overall efficiency for business growth.

Enhance operational efficiency

FOODIVAL can help simplify the procurement and inventory management processes for restaurants, central procurement and central kitchens, reducing unnecessary food waste and increasing restaurant profits. By seamlessly connecting to your POS system, FOODIVAL can extract relevant sales data to update your inventory records. The central procurement can also monitor all data and records through FOODIVAL easily. Additionally, users can set minimum stock levels for each type of ingredient, and the system will automatically monitor inventory levels and notify users when necessary, helping restaurants adjust their procurement patterns and quantities. Meanwhile, FOODIVAL automates the entire procurement and inventory management process with an alert system which greatly reduces human errors and efforts, enhancing overall efficiency.

FOODIVAL improves procurement and inventory management efficiency

Cross-departmental communications

FOODIVAL can enhance operational transparency and strengthen communication among different departments, including restaurants, central kitchens, suppliers, central procurement, and management. When a restaurant submits a purchase order, the system immediately notifies the supplier or central kitchen through different means (such as WhatsApp, eFax, or email), reducing human error or missing orders and implementing automated procurement. FOODIVAL also allows restaurants to check the status of their orders, enabling them to stay up-to-date on delivery arrangements, such as central kitchen’s production status and estimated delivery time, allowing restaurants to plan ahead. When a restaurant receives the goods, employees can immediately record it in FOODIVAL, including adding remarks and uploading relevant product photos. These records can be synchronized to the central kitchen interface in real-time, effectively enhancing communication and understanding of the operational status of each department.

Decrease and control your costs

FOODIVAL incorporates different mechanisms to help restaurants control food costs. For example, with the low inventory level alerts, the system can remind restaurants to restock in a timely manner, ensuring a sufficient supply for outlets. Additionally, the system also provides abnormal order alerts. When an ordered quantity is found to be unusually large compared to similar orders in the past, the system immediately notifies the user and requests confirmation before placing the order, preventing over-purchasing and food waste due to input errors. Management can also access different operational reports through FOODIVAL, such as variance reports, shrinkage reports, profit margin reports of each outlet, and ideal and actual cost reports etc. This allows management to easily obtain more comprehensive and accurate operational data to identify sources of high food costs, and adjust sales and procurement strategies accordingly to increase profits.

FOODIVAL improves cooperation and communication between departments
FOODIVAL helps restaurants monitor and control ingredient costs
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