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Connect with BBHRMS for business growth!

Manage all human resource tasks with ease.

As another family system of FlexSystem, BridgeBuilder HRMS (BBHRMS) is an integrated human resource management system software consisting of a wide range of core and extensive features, that is capable of payroll processing, attendance management, roster planning, leave management and claims etc., while guaranteeing full compliance with local statutory regulations across all regions in China (Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China).


BBHRMS is highly customizable to the extent that users can choose the mode of application (Cloud vs On premise) as well as the ability to mix and match modules to fit their company needs, ensuring the best practice for clients. BBHRMS also provides an Employee Self Service (ESS) platform and mobile app to enhance employee experience and HR efficiency.

Through the powerful payroll engine of BridgeBuilder HRMS, HR no longer needs to manually calculate payroll.

Our powerful payroll engine can support complex payroll formulas and customize payroll rules to suit your company needs. Integrating with our attendance, roster and leave modules,  the system can retrieve all relevant data for automated payroll processing to reduce human errors caused by manual calculation. BBHRMS also fully complies with the tax schemes and labor regulations in Hong Kong, Macau, and China, such as the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme, the "713" and "418" ordinances. The system also supports e-payslips, e-tax forms and e-MPF, as well as the retroactive payment and relevant payroll details.


Real-time attendance records

Regardless of late, early leave, or overtime work, employees’ clock-in records can be automatically synchronized with the system. HR or managers can check any abnormal attendance at any time and follow up accordingly.

Multi clock-in methods 

To accommodate different business models, various clock-in methods are provided, including facial recognition, GPS, and bluetooth. Customers can choose the appropriate clock-in method based on their needs. For example, restaurants with multiple outlets or brands can apply bluetooth clock-in to recognize different outlets located on different floors of the same building.

Synchronize attendance records for payroll

All attendance records confirmed by restaurant managers can be synchronized with the payroll engine for automated payroll processing, assisting HR in calculating employees’ working hours and salaries, and speeding up the entire process.


Connect Human Resource Management System

BBHRMS can obtain employees’ real-time attendance records and reports through various clock-in methods such as facial recognition, GPS and Bluetooth

The restaurant can use various clock-in methods such as facial recognition, GPS, and Bluetooth to record employee attendance. Whether their employees work in the central kitchen, office, or restaurant, HR can access real-time attendance records and reports through BBHRMS. Any work performed outside of the workplace or usual working hours, such as training or temporary transfer to other outlets, can also be recorded by HR or supervisors, helping to establish more accurate attendance records for payroll processing and effective manpower planning.

Attendance management

Support complex payroll formulas

Automatically calculates salaries according to different payroll formulas. Users can also customize different payroll rules, reducing the likelihood of errors resulting from manual calculation of complex formulas.

Automated payroll processing

Integrated attendance, roster and leave modules, the system can synchronize attendance records for payroll processing automatically. This reduces the need for cross-checking different records and streamlines the payroll process.

Fully comply with local labour laws

The system is regularly updated in accordance with local laws and regulations to ensure compliance and reduce legal risks resulting from regulatory changes.

Support retroactive payment

The system can assist in handling any problems related to backdated wages and provides relevant breakdown and details

Support e-document download

Employees can review or download company letters, such as payslip, tax forms, MPF etc., in ESS platform or mobile app. All letters are encrypted by personal pin to address privacy and security concerns.

BBHRMS provides a scheduling system and complies with Regulation 418

The roster module allows users to customize shift codes or patterns, and provides a monthly calendar interface with "copy" and "quick rostering" features to help you schedule more efficiently. In addition to fully complying with local regulations, the system can also analyze attendance data and avoid legal risks. For example, under the "418" ordinance, if the system detects any possible violations, i.e. an employee working 18 hours per week for four consecutive weeks, it will automatically reminder HR or restaurant managers so that they can rearrange the employee's work schedule. This helps restaurants comply with local labor laws, reduce legal risks, and lower additional costs on manpower.

Roster planning

Roster in calendar view for employees

Employees can view their roster in calendar view after their manager planned their work schedule.

Customize shift codes 

By setting different codes based on the company's shift times and patterns, the rostering planning can be accelerated. Different planning options, including shifts, rest days, annual leaves, and other work appointments etc., will be displayed in different colors on the roster, making them easy for users to identify.

Set up “roster template”

To improve roster planning efficiency, users can set commonly-used shift patterns as templates. For example, if a specific team or department has a regular rest day every Tuesday, the manager can create a roster template for this pattern and apply the template to the team with the same shift pattern for a specific period of time with one click.

Support staff borrowing

When there is a shortage of frontline manpower, the outlet manager can borrow or lend helping hands. The symbol “arrow” (pointing at different directions) will be used to to indicate which employee is being borrowed or lent by other outlets, making it easy to identify.

“418” alerts

When the system detects that an employee has worked 18 hours or more for four consecutive weeks, it will automatically notify the manager or HR to rearrange the employee's work schedule. This can save additional expenses on manpower.

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