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FOODIVAL improved the procurement process, established an accurate database and improved work efficiency for Ichiran Ramen


FOODIVAL improved the procurement process for Beans, increased work efficiency, and established a reliable database for recording and analyzing costs.

Beans with FOODIVAL

Let’s Grow Together! 

FOODIVAL are proud to work and grow with our clients. Customer support and trust continue to motivate us to improve our offerings and provide the best possible support to our customers’ business for business growth with our passion and expertise.

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Japan's most authentic tonkotsu ramen restaurant

Digital transformation  Enhance efficiency in all aspects

As a world-renowned  Japanese ramen restaurant,  they have an uncompromising pursuit of the quality and taste of their soup, which is why they place particular emphasis on ingredient procurement. As the restaurant often needs to purchase fresh ingredients to cook the soup, they maintain procurement and inventory records by using spreadsheets (Excel) with complex calculation formulas, including purchase orders, inventory records, and more. However, as the restaurant has grown in popularity in Japan and abroad (including Hong Kong), with increasing numbers of local and overseas branches, their existing management methods are no longer effective in tracking inventory levels, expiry of ingredients, batches, wastage etc. To avoid supply chain disruptions that could affect sales, the ramen restaurant has decided to introduce digital systems for management. After comparing different procurement and inventory management systems available in Hong Kong, the ramen restaurant ultimately chose FOODIVAL as their partner.

To improve operational efficiency and establish more accurate records, FOODIVAL systematizes the procurement and inventory management processes for the ramen restaurant by creating a reliable database where everything is traceable. FOODIVAL integrates supplier information and offers systematic order placing functions, which help users send purchase orders to different suppliers via email, eFax, or even WhatsApp. The system also helps restaurants manage stocktake and receipt of goods, improving inventory accuracy. You can also connect to your POS system or import sales data to create operational reports as a reference for calculating food costs, enabling the ramen restaurant to have a comprehensive understanding of its business operations and improve its procurement strategy.

Local chained cafe brand

Ichiran Ramen is a customer of FOODIVAL
Ichiran Ramen for FOODIVAL customers

local chain coffee shop 

Master Food Cost  Enhance Business Analytical Ability 

The popular chained coffee shop in Hong Kong not only provides customers with high-quality light food, coffee and desserts, but also cares about the community and implements different measures to care for the community, which makes the brand popular among youngsters. In order to manage the procurement work of different outlets more effectively, the coffee shop adopts both direct procurement by restaurant and central procurement models. Each outlet will place orders with suppliers directly according to their needs. However, the coffee shop understands that it is extremely difficult for the frontline staff to take care of both customer service and procurement work at the same time, which will greatly increase their workload and even affect the overall efficiency. If procurement records are incomplete, it will be even more difficult for the central procurement to collect various data for monitoring and analysis purposes.

In order to tackle the above problems, FOODIVAL systematize the entire procurement procedure so that the outlets can create orders in the system and send them to different suppliers via WhatsApp automatically. All purchase records will be stored properly in FOODIVAL where the central procurement can check and trace anytime. They can also prepare different reports and food cost analysis with FOODIVAL’s data, mastering procurement costs while enhancing business analytical ability. 

Beans coffee shop for FOODIVAL customers
Beans coffee shop for FOODIVAL customers

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