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Connect POS System

Integrate seamlessly with your POS!

FOODIVAL helps you extract sales data for reports and analysis 

FOODIVAL can seamlessly connect with your POS system to extract sales data from each outlet on a daily basis and deduct the used quantities of ingredients from your inventory based on data. Such data can also be synchronized to the procurement interface for strengthening centralized management. The restaurant can also set a minimum stock level in FOODIVAL where alerts for low inventory levels will be shown after auto-calculating the ingredient quantities based on POS data.  The restaurant can immediately place orders with the central procurement, suppliers, or the central kitchen through FOODIVAL. In addition, the restaurant can obtain cost and expense reports for each outlet through synchronization or manual import of sales data, such as sales, food costs, and food profit reports, helping you better grasp the overall food cost.

FOODIVAL can be connected to the POS system to automatically deduct inventory based on sales data.

After connecting with the POS system, FOODIVAL can instantly obtain sales data and automatically deduct inventory levels based on recipe data, allowing you to keep track of the latest inventory data anytime.

Auto-calculate inventory levels
FOODIVAL automatically sends out inventory level reminders, such as low inventory reminders, to remind employees to restock in time.

Based on sales data, the system can calculate the latest inventory levels and display different alerts according to the pre-set minimum and maximum inventory levels. For example, the system will notify users when inventory falls below the minimum level to prompt them to re-stock in a timely manner. 

Alerts for inventory levels
FOODIVAL can integrate POS, recipe and purchasing data to assist in analyzing ingredient costs and profits

The system can integrate POS, recipe, and procurement data for analysis purposes, allowing management to have a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant's food cost and profit. This integration can help identify areas for cost savings and optimization, as well as inform strategic decision-making to improve the restaurant's profitability.

Cost analysis
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