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【Chapter THREE】A Complete Guide For FOODIVAL: Central Procurement Made Easy!

FOODIVAL is well aware of the complexity and diversity of procurement management in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. Different types of restaurants may adopt different procurement models, such as direct procurement by restaurants, central procurement, or even a hybrid model, to meet daily operational needs. As such, it is vital for the F&B industry to take the comprehensiveness of a procurement system into account when considering digital transformation. If the system is not comprehensive enough to meet a restaurant’s needs, there is a high chance that employees will be less willing to learn and use the new system which may cause them to revert to the old and familiar way of manual working, or even leave the system idle, ultimately wasting resources invested in digitalization. 

Yet, FOODIVAL is designed to tackle the above pain point. With its comprehensive functionalities, FOODIVAL provides a wide range of features that can easily cater to F&B’s daily operations and flexibly adapt to various procurement models.  With just one system, restaurants can centralize the procurement and inventory management tasks across different outlets and departments to simplify the entire workflow, reduce human errors and improve work efficiency. This article will introduce the key features of FOODIVAL in terms of central procurement, covering order management, "reconciliation" (verifying documents), supplier management and more - you surely don’t want to miss it!

Centralized Management of Purchase Requisition form Different Outlets

FOODIVAL has incorporated a document upload function which allows frontline users to upload relevant documents such as delivery notes and product photos when handling deliveries from suppliers in order to establish accurate delivery records. Since all the data is uploaded to FOODIVAL in real time, the Central Procurement Department can access the information anytime. This strengthens the central control and management over the outlets’ procurement activities and status, thereby enhancing overall 

management efficiency. 

Keep Track of Delivery Documents Anytime

FOODIVAL incorporates a document upload function which allows outlets to upload relevant delivery documents, such as delivery notes and product photos, during the good-receiving process. Since all data will be uploaded to FOODIVAL’s back-end system in real-time, the Central Procurement Department can access the information in the system at any time, strengthening its management of the procurement activities and status of different outlets and improving management efficiency.

"Reconciliation" (Verifying Documents)

Unlike the conventional manual operations performed by most restaurants, the Central Procurement Department no longer needs to spend considerable time and resources on collecting procurement-related documents from different outlets and manually verifying all the documents for payment settlement after implementing FOODIVAL. By having direct access to all the necessary documents in the system, the Central Procurement Department can now efficiently review and reconcile the procurement documents across all outlets, including purchase orders, supplier invoices and more, for reconciliation purposes without relying heavily on the outlet managers to provide the information manually and regularly which helps prevent overdue payment due to cumbersome and time-consuming reconciliation process. 

Supplier Management

The Central Procurement Department can centralize supplier management through FOODIVAL. Supplier information including but not limited to supplier name, delivery schedule, cut-off time for orders, can be well organized and recorded in the system to strengthen supplier management. Moreover, the Central Procurement Department can collect feedback and comments on suppliers’ products and services from frontline users which can serve as a reference for reviewing the quality of suppliers and improving the overall procurement strategy. 

Price Comparison

Incorporating a suppliers’ price comparison feature, FOODIVAL allows users to compare prices of similar products across different suppliers in a tabular format, accelerating the overall procurement process. 


If you would like to know more about FOODIVA’s latest functions and features, please visit our blogs or contact us here.


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