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Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2020 Launched Successfully

Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2020 (RACE) was successfully concluded last Friday. FlexSystem is proud to be involved.

We were much concerned about the safety and health of our staff and guests. In order to reduce the risk of inflection, we followed hygienic measures, providing alcohol-based handrub and disinfecting the floor mat regularly, etc. In addition, we prepared the alcohol hand sanitizer spray as a gift to our guests too!

This year, many exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak, and RACE is the first big trade show under this pandemic. Although the show lacked overseas visitors, there were still many potential local buyers as everyone had eagerly awaited a trade show in Hong Kong. We were glad to meet with them and show how we could help!

Apart from the retail industry, it was our pleasure to meet with F&B practitioners as well since RBHK and RACE were combined together this year as a special arrangement for the COVID-19 outbreak. Besides our signature Accounting and Human Resources Management System, we were grateful to know that our food procurement and inventory management system - Foodival were appreciated by most of the visitors from different industries!

We are all experiencing a difficult time due to the pandemic, especially the F&B industry which is influenced by lots of government requirements such as the prohibition on group gathering. This triggers the stakeholder of F&B industry to find a remedy to prevent loss and hence recognizes the importance of cost control. Foodival solves most of the typical issues within the F&B industry which is related to cost management. With Foodival, the data of the front-line stores, procurement department and central kitchen could be stored systematically and securely. Order could be made based on the sale forecast and reduce excessive food ordering. The UI is also specifically designed for F&B and Retail industry.

No more pending and start the digitalisation of your business. If you have any enquiry for our Procurement and Inventory System, or Accounting, Human Resources Management System, just contact us to have a quick chat!

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